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Stop Cancer at Work Privacy Statement

We take the protection of your data and individual privacy seriously. Having the trust of our supporters is of the utmost importance and that is why we closely follow the legal provisions when handling your data and private information. This means we are committed to complying with the GDPR.

Transparency in all of our work is crucial, and therefore we want to be open with what we do and don’t do with your data. The only uses we have for your data are as follows:

  • As a means of demonstrating that you are who you say you are, and that your signature on the petition is therefore valid.
  • To present to EU Commissioner as an example of support.
  • To identify nationalities and occupations which are supportive of the campaign.
  • To keep you updated on how the campaign is progressing via email.
  • To inform you of changes to the privacy statement.

Under no circumstances will we sell your data or pass them on to unauthorised third parties. Once the campaign comes to an end we will not store any of your personal data.

Name and address of the data controller

Ian Lindsley 

Square de Meeûs 37,
1000 Bruxelles,

Privacy notice and policy

This is the privacy policy of the Stop Cancer at Work campaign. It sets out what data we collect from you; what we plan to do with your data; how we store your data; and what we will do with your data once the campaign comes to an end.

Our commitment to you:

We collect only collect your personal data for the benefit of our campaign. We understand the trust that our supporters place in us when sharing their data, and so we will always do our utmost to protect their personal information.

Our full privacy policy is explained below, but the main points to note are:

  • We will only ever ask for the information that we really require.
  • We will be transparent with the process of collecting your data.
  • We will always respect any decisions you make regarding the way we keep your data.
  • We will put appropriate security measures in place to protect the personal data that you share.
  • We will never sell your data.
  • We will delete any record of your data if you so choose.

Ways in which we use your personal information:

By completing our petition we ask you to provide personal information that will enable us to authenticate your support as an individual. Having an email address associated with a first and second name, combined with occupation and nationality will make it easier to identify cases of fraud.

We will analyse the personal information you provide to improve the efficacy of the campaign. By knowing the occupation and nationality of respondents it is possible to see which countries or sectors require greater attention to further raise awareness.

At the campaign’s end we may be required to supply specific examples of responses to our survey by the EU Commission and relevant partners. If your data is selected in this process you will be notified.

We will periodically contact you regarding the progress of the campaign. This communication will be strictly limited to the topic of the campaign from a campaign staffer.

We keep your personal information only for as long as the campaign continues, after which the data will be deleted.

In the unlikely chance that we change our data policy we will contact you via email to update you on the changes made.

Campaign communications

We will only ever contact you directly for purposes of the campaigns status and progress via email.

If you want us to stop contacting you entirely you can opt out via email.

Sharing your data

We will never sell your details to other organisations.

Because information is collected for the sole purpose of a petition, said information will be processed and stored by SurveyMonkey.

Individual responses will not be used by SurveyMonkey but they may use data such as response time to improve their services.

SurveyMonkey’s privacy statement can be found here:

Keeping your details up to date

If you change your name, email address, or occupation and wish to update this information with us then please contact the campaign via email.


We know how much trust you place in us when you share your personal data. Because of that we place great importance on the security of your personal information and will always take appropriate precautions to protect it.

None of your personal data will be stored outside of the SurveyMonkey server and no copies of your data will be made or stored in a physical location.

Even with all these precautions, no data transmission over the internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. So, while we strive to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee the security of any information which you disclose to us online and you must understand that you do so at your own risk.

Your personal data will only be monitored by staff members of the campaign. Our employees are notified and reminded about the importance we place on privacy, and what they can do to ensure your information is protected.

Use of cookies

Cookies are pieces of information sent by your web browser by a website you visit. These cookie files are stored in your web browser and allow the Service or a third-Party to recognise you and make your visit easier and more personalised. When you access the Stop Cancer at Work website we may place cookies in files in your web browser. 

By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. 

We use the following types of cookie(s):

  • Analytical/performance cookies: track the number of users that visit the website and how users interact with functions of the website. 
  • Functionality cookies: which provides insight into when a user returns to our website, which enables us to improve the use of our website. 

Our website also includes video content embedded from Youtube which uses cookies for advertisement delivery, behavioural advertising and to suggest content. YouTube will not store personally-identifiable cookie information for playbacks of embedded videos using the privacy-enhanced mode. To find out more please visit YouTube’s embedding videos information page.

Our websites contain links to other sites, including those of members and third-party groups, whose information practices may be different from ours.

To remove cookies you have to activate a setting from your web browser. This may limit the function of some aspects of the website. 

Stop Cancer at Work Cookie Policy 04/2020


If we change our Privacy Policy we will post the changes on this page, and will hold a record of the changes that we make. When we make significant changes to this policy we will communicate with our supporters to tell them what has changed.

This policy was last revised 04/2020

Access to your personal information

Under the General Data Protection Regulation, you have the right to request and be sent:

  • Confirmation that your data is being processed
  • Access to your personal data
  • Other information that we hold about you.

You can make a request by email or telephone. We will respond to your request within one calendar month of the request, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Your rights and acceptance of this policy

By sharing your consent preferences and using our sites, you consent to the collection and use of information by the Stop Cancer at Work campaign in accordance with our Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to this policy, please do not use our site or complete our survey.

Any personal information submitted via our websites is treated in accordance with current EU data protection legislation. To find out more about your entitlements under current and future data protection legislation, visit the Information Commissioner’s website.

Information retention

We will hold your personal information on SurveyMonkey until the campaign’s end. If you ask for your personal information to be deleted we will manage your request in a transparent way, and in line with our data retention policy.


While we will take all reasonable steps to protect and secure your personal data, we cannot guarantee the confidentiality of any messages transmitted between you and us via email as these are potentially accessible by the public. We will not be liable to you or anyone else for any loss relating to any email message sent by you to us or by us to you.

Staff members of the campaign will receive an email notification informing them that you have completed the survey petition. Staff members will not contact you via email about any topic other than the progression of the campaign.


By responding to Question 7 of the ‘European law must be updated to protect workers’ survey, as organised by the Stop Cancer at Work campaign you confirm that you have read and understood the terms presented in this privacy statement.